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Journey to Harmony & Follow Your Heart ~ So Inspiring!

The big joke in our house is about these 2 short inspirational films combined into one DVD.

I’ll go downstairs and pop in this film and my husband will say, “What are you watching?”  I’ll say, “Journey to Harmony” and he’ll say, “Again, you JUST watched that!”  And once again, I will watch both of them because that is how good they are.

I consider these life changing and even though there is no Christianity in them, I see God’s work all throughout both of these stories.


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 “Journey to Harmony” Film Page

In “Journey to Harmony” – it’s Lyla’s dream to move to the city of Harmony but it becomes a nightmare when she meets its residents. Though filled with hope and desire to fall in love with her new home, she discovers attitudes and behavior that make her want to give up and move on. Her hope, faith in others, and acts of service bring about dramatic changes to her and her new neighbors. An endearing journey to a new home.

So, to be truthful, this is the reason why I love this one so much!  I want to be or become this woman.  Such determination!  Such love and respect and others, truly an example of what every Christian should be…LIKE CHRIST!  This woman truly transforms a town by acts of kindness!


 “Follow Your Heart” Film Page

“Follow Your Heart” is based on a favorite story from Chicken Soup for the Soul. After moving around with his family, a young man tries to fit in at school and find his place. He writes an essay about his dreams for the future, but is ridiculed by his classmates and teacher. Struggling with his own identity, others’ expectations, and what he feels inside, he makes a decision that affects his future. An inspiring story of hope, courage and determination.

You will LOVE this story about following your dreams and believing in yourself!  We all know that with God all things are possible.  We also know that half the battle of achieving your dreams, which I believe God places in each one of us, is determination and perseverance.  Another area I struggle with and so I love this one just as much as the first one.


These films are really inspirational and can be used as teaching tools, within the church, or within your home!

I hope you’ll be blessed by these as much as I was!  Watch them first and then pass the word along to others!

You may also be interested in the teaching tool about finding and fulfilling your dreams by Bruce Wilkinson called “The Dream Giver– A great series!

Bruce Wilkinson is the Preacher that was portrayed in “The Cross and the Switchblade!”


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  1. Annelie says
    07 March 12, 8:02am

    I wanted to add something here: Have you ever heard about it’s the little things that count? I believe this is what Lyla was all about in Journey to Harmony. All she did were little acts of kindness and it made all the difference for the people in this town, it turned from a town of hopelessness to a town of hope. I’m not spoiling the story though because, let’s face it, we all know how it’s going to end, sometimes right from the very beginning of a film. We are rarely surprised….

    So, my point is this? How can we make a difference on a daily basis in our own sphere of influence? Can we call an old friend or family member? Can we write a note or send an e-mail telling someone we’re thinking of them. Can we send flowers or just begin talking to someone in the grocery store, or smile at people a LOT! Think of things you can do. I’ve started doing this about a month ago and the results are really wonderful! Try it, it will bring joy to your life.


  2. Deb Cobb says
    09 March 12, 9:05am


    There was a movie I saw on TV serveral years ago. It was called Jonathan. It was about Jesus. He was a carpenter. The story was a modern version of Jesus’ walk on this earh and his teaching of his 12 discples. What it would be like if he were walking with us now. Nobody knew it was him. He was commissioned to carve something out of wood for a town leader of a small town. But that was not his real purpose there.

    The movie really made an impression on me. I’ve never seen it again. Can you find made for TV movies?

  3. Annelie says
    09 March 12, 10:21am

    The movie you are thinking of is: “Joshua” – another great film – just like this one. Here is the link to the film page:

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