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‘King’s Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

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King’s Faith

Brendan King is a foster kid who grew up on the wrong side of the law graduating from five-finger discounts and fights on the playground to drug-dealing and gun-running as a member of the multi-racial gang called Avenue D. Arrested in a federal raid when he was fifteen and imprisoned for three years until his parole at eighteen, Brendan has found a relationship with God and with it he has turned his life around. Upon his release, he moves in with a new foster family and starts attending high school in an affluent suburb near the city where he grew up.

Now on the outside, Brendan vows to keep things on track. He works hard at his studies, lands an after school job and joins The Seekers, a faith based teen group that works on community service projects.


Sneak Preview

King's faith, Christian movie

This is one of those films that you just enjoy!  There was a few things in this film that stood out to me:

  • One was the name of the Christian Teen Group in their school…Seekers.  I really liked that name.
  • The concept that in order to change you have to stop listening to the same voices playing over and over again in your head.  Fantastic and truthful!  Like Joyce Meyer talks about in so many of her teachings…The Mind IS the Battlefield.
  • There was another part I liked about cost analysis.  You’ll have to watch it and then tell me what you think about that one!
  • How one foster home can really make a difference for a child.
  • LOVED the openness and honesty of some of the members of the Seeker group.  Genuine Christians, with the right words to say. Uplifting, instead of destructive words.
  • It is better to talk things out than to let the pain fester inside.  How many sicknesses are caused by this very thing…bottling things up inside and letting the thoughts destroy us from the inside out.

Lots of things in this film to keep your attention.
ENJOY it and don’t forget to request the Bible Study Guide.


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  1. Michael says
    04 November 13, 5:35am

    I’d like to win a copy because it would be great for my boys to see and a good addition to our church library.

  2. 06 November 13, 11:29am

    From what I’ve read above, this would be a great addition to my DVD library.

  3. Sharon says
    09 November 13, 10:13pm

    This looks like a really interesting movie. I’m so glad it is a Christian one. I have been wanting to watch more interesting ones for a while, so if I win this, I would be thrilled.

  4. Heather O says
    10 November 13, 10:28am

    I would like to win the giveaway because I am always looking for good value movies that my entire family can watch.

  5. janet says
    11 November 13, 4:34pm

    Looks like a great film.

  6. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer H.) says
    16 November 13, 11:47am

    I have 5 boys of my own and I think they can always use good role models. It is nice when we have movies/stories that point them in the right direction.

  7. Dan says
    16 November 13, 6:28pm

    Gritty reality meets the grace of God. Faithful perseverance. A wonderful combination that would be great to have in a movie in our library.

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