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‘Kung Fu, Old Skool, & Tyrone’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Kung Fu, Old Skool, & Tyrone’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Kung Fu, Old Skool, & Tyrone

Kung Fu, Old Skool, & Tyrone – While on a shopping spree Adrina, daughter of Technology Czar Mr. Simpson, is kidnapped by corporate rival Mr. Rivers. Rivers and his corporation run Metro City so the police cannot get involved. Mr. Rivers will gladly return Adrina to her father under one condition… he wants 51% of Simpson’s company. Simpson is forced to hire a wanna be private eye simply called Tyrone. Tyrone recruits his best friends Kung Fu and Old Skool and attempt to bring her back. The success of the mission rely on Tyrone’s ability to rise to the occasion and keep everything under control, if he can.


Sneak Preview

Kung Fu, Old Skool & Tyrone

This one was very unique in a lot of ways, especially in the very beginning, as an introduction to the characters in the film.  LOVED the song in the beginning.  So here is what I liked about this film:

  • There was one very serious conversation that really made you think about God and His role in our lives.  It was an unexpected conversation in the midst of this comedy.
  • There were sections of this film that really caused me to laugh out loud, several times.
  • The film kept me intrigued, what was going to happen next, and how they were going to portray it.
  • There was another part where Tyrone goes to see Mr. Simpson (the first time), it reminded me of ‘The Pink Panther’.
  • The daughter who was kidnapped was over the top obnoxious.  I started to wonder if there was anyone in the real world that could possibly be that obnoxious.  I haven’t met anyone in my life that was that bad.  Not evil…met some of those…I mean just obnoxious – 100% selfish.

Don’t be fooled by the cover photo, this is a drama, or maybe a dramedy.



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