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‘Long-Distance Princess’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Long-Distance Princess’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Long-Distance Princess

Lisa, a high school sophomore, has been hiding her hopeless crush on Todd, the irresistibly likable junior in her art class. her life starts to unravel when he asks her to help him get to know the beautiful Ellie, her longtime friend living in England.

All the while Cindy, Todd’s ruthless ex, resorts to sinister schemes to stop Lisa and Ellie, so she can win him back, and Todd’s image-conscious friends try to discourage him from befriending the ordinary-looking Lisa.

Supporting her through it all, Theo, Lisa’s Christian friend from school, encourages her to tackle her problems with a biblical mindset, but Mitzy, her opportunistic bff, has other ideas.


Sneak Preview

Long Distance Princess

This is a film teens will really enjoy.  Here were some highlights:

  • Loved how the main character handled the mistake in her presentation.  Brilliant.
  • Lots of humor in this one.
  • We need to sure we’re on God’s side…seeking His plan.
  • Loved the way the main character handled the situation without embarrassing the person at fault.  Very nice.
  • Better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you’re not.

As Christians, we are commanded to forgive.  This film gives a great portrayal of forgiveness.  Remember…always tell the truth no matter what.  The truth is ALWAYS best!

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