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‘A Long Way Off’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘A Long Way Off’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


A Long Way Off

“A Long Way Off” captures the timeless tale of a journey to humility, repentance, and reconciliation with both a loving earthly father and heavenly Father.

In this inspiring true story, based on the tale of The Prodigal Son taken from Luke 15:11-32 but set in modern times, Jacob leaves the family farm, shunning his father’s religious and business ethics, to strike out on his own in the big city, poised to conquer the world in his own way—on his terms.

Surprised that his father actually obliges his request for an early inheritance, Jacob sets out for his own idea of fortune and fame, and proceeds to spend millions of dollars living the high life—only to find it come crashing down and learning vital life lessons, coming back a humbled, appreciative son, finally ready to reconcile with both his earthly and Heavenly Father.


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This is a unique Prodigal Son Story because it shows the struggle that the main character had, as well as showing he was smart and did try and make money instead of just blowing the money.

We were amazed at the way they tastefully showed the bad scenes.  Brilliantly cast as well!

You’ll have to watch it to see, but there is one thing that happened in this film that sort of left you wondering whatever happened to 2 certain items.  Let’s see if you wonder the same thing.

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  1. RJK says
    23 January 15, 10:37pm

    Thanks for the movie…but…it really does portray the Bible story in a very unsatisfactory way. The acting was atrocious. It seemed the actors were wading in quicksand attempting to act. It was very difficult maintaining the storyline with the slowness of the acting. I suppose you have to start somewhere but…this was very, very tedious to watch.

  2. RJK says
    23 January 15, 10:39pm

    This was a very, very tedious adaptation of the biblical story.

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