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Looking for UK Talent for Up-coming Christian Film

Looking for UK Talent for Up-coming Christian Film


CLP Films are in development with a new film project called Breaking Free, which is adapted from the autobiography ‘Breaking Free’ by actor Christopher Lee Power. It promises to be an emotional ride.

Breaking Free, Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVDBreaking Free

Based on a true story, Breaking Free the plot follows one boy as he fights against the odds to leave behind his troubled childhood and escape his rebellious teenage years in order to make something better of himself and become an actor and Christian.


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Breaking Free is to be filmed in Wirral and Liverpool and we aim to go into production in 2014. 

At present CLP Films are compiling a list of Christian directors  and actors to add to their database in the UK (England). 

Please contact Christopher via e-mail.  More information can be found at Breaking Free Website.

If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.


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