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‘The Lord of the Rings’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Lord of the Rings’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


2251_lotrcollection_flat_lgThe Lord of the Rings

The Fellowship Of The Ring

Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is an epic adventure of good against evil, the power of friendship and individual courage. The saga centers around an unassuming Hobbit named Frodo Baggins who inherits a Ring that would give a dark and powerful lord the power to enslave the world. With a loyal fellowship of elves, dwarves, men and a wizard, Frodo embarks on a heroic quest to destroy the One Ring and pave the way for the emergence of mankind.

The Two Towers

Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship continue their quest to destroy the One Ring and stand against the evil of the dark lord Sauron. The Fellowship has divided and now find themselves taking different paths to defeating Sauron and his allies. Their destinies now lie at two towers – Orthanc Tower in Isengard, where the corrupted wizard Saruman waits and Sauron’s fortress at Baraddur, deep within the dark lands of Mordor.

The Return Of The King

The final battle for Middle-earth begins. Frodo and Sam, led by Gollum, continue their dangerous mission toward the fires of Mount Doom in order to destroy the One Ring. Aragorn struggles to fulfill his legacy as he leads his outnumbered followers against the growing power of the Dark Lord Sauron, so that the Ring-bearer may complete his quest.



Sneak Preview

This is a series that I have watched many times over the past few years.  Here are some highlights:

  • There are moments throughout each movie that are powerful and as a Christian, do make you think of Jesus and His power and what our job is as Christians in this world.
  • The Battle between the seen and unseen worlds.  It should open our eyes to our own reality and the reality of the unseen world of angels, good and evil.
  • The friendship between the group, especially Sam, who is my favorite character.  He reminds me of John the disciple.
  • Gandalf, although a wizard, which is hard for me to accept since God is so against spiritualism and wizardry, is an example of Jesus in so many ways.  Especially love the scene where he goes from Gandalf the grey to Gandalf the white after his death.  Just like Jesus – taking on human form, then dying and being resurrected, then He is the White.  He was and always has been God, but when He walked on this earth, He relied entirely on His Father and gave up His power so that He could show us how to live.
  • Frodo’s struggle with temptation over this ring.  The extreme temptation he suffered reminds me of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, only Jesus never gave into temptation even a little bit.  What an awesome God we serve.
  • There are so many gems in this series and as a Christian, look for all the symbols that you can find.  They are not really that obvious.
  • Now, I also watched ‘The Hobbit’ the first one but was so disappointed I didn’t watch the 2nd one.  The Hobbit seemed to be missing a lot of the symbolism.

Although this can be considered an allegory at times, the movie doesn’t do justice for a Christian allegory as much as the Narnia series does.  Although they are powerful movies, I wonder what the normal person truly gets out of this series other than just a great feeling at the end.  For this reason we’ve chosen not to add the series to CFDb.


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