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‘Love Comes Softly’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Love Comes Softly’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Love Comes Softly: Volume 1

The first heartwarming movie in Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly saga.

A young woman’s dream to forge a new life for herself on the great American plains becomes a test of her pioneering spirit, her inner strength, and her undying faith and courage.

Marty and Aaron Claridge (Katherine Heigl and Oliver Macready) travel west in search of new opportunity. But when tragedy strikes and Marty is suddenly widowed, the young woman must face the rugged terrain, bleak weather, and life among strangers – alone. That is until a handsome widower named Clark Davis (Dale Midkiff) suggests a platonic “marriage of convenience” until Marty can return home. As the months pass, though, Marty and Clark discover an unexpected new love where there was once only loss.


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Love Comes Softly volume 1

This first one is my favorite from the series.  CFDb highly recommends this entire series.  Based on a fabulous book series by Janette Oke.

I read this series MANY years ago and when I watched the series 1 at a time it was easy to get confused as it doesn’t exactly follow the books and you forget who the characters are.

This past week I was terribly ill and so I decided to have a ‘Love Comes Softly’ marathon.  I loved the series even more watching it all at once…well, it took 3 or 4 days to complete it, but well worth it.

Beautiful cinematography throughout as well.

A few things I loved about this first one:

  • By the end of the film, it’s obvious what the difference is between wants and needs.
  • Clark and Marty learning about each other and Missy too.  Just a perfect cast in this one.
  • In all moments of life, God is right there beside us…a theme throughout this entire series.

Back during this time period everything seemed so practical.  In the same day Marty lost her husband, the necessity was to remarry and help Clark (a perfect stranger) take care of his little girl until the Spring when he would arrange to send her back home to her family.  Would anything like this happen today?  Probably not.  The reason for the rush was because the minister was in town and wouldn’t be back for many months and it was improper for a woman to live with a man unless she were married.  Times have really changed…although I don’t think that is a good thing.

I really enjoyed watching the men (most of them) treat the women with respect and the women (most of them) respecting and honoring their husbands.  That is something we need to see more of today.  The Proverbs 31 woman.

In today’s society a real woman would be defined as independent, working outside the home, making a lot of money, standing up for her rights.

What is a real woman in God’s eyes?  Proverbs 31 is a great start.  How many of us fit that standard?

All in all…enjoy this series…it’s lovely!

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