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‘Made in the USA’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Made in the USA’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Made in the USA, 30 day journey DVD cover artMade in the USA – 30 Day Journey

We have all seen the “Made in the USA” brand. Does this brand really mean anything to people nowadays? This feature documentary, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”, is an epic journey into the heart and soul of America. After witnessing the tragic effects caused by a factory shutdown in his hometown of Ravenswood, WV, Josh Miller takes off across the country for 30 days to discover the answer to this question.

With devastating job losses across the United States, Josh explores the potential causes of these losses and searches for answers about our economy. Questions like, how did we get to where we are, and how can we pull ourselves out of this? From economists, to historians, to business owners, Josh speaks with people from coast to coast and from all walks of life.

During his journey, Josh attempts to live off of only “Made in USA” products to the best of his ability. The film’s inspiration is drawn from the personal tragedy of Josh’s mother going through a life-threatening illness, and Josh’s father-in-law losing his job at an aluminum plant in Ravenswood, WV. The story becomes a quest to find out if we can change the course of our country, and Josh seeking to discover if the American Dream still exists. The answers he finds may surprise you.

A strong economy in America is a result of a diversified economy which involves the service sector, manufacturing industry, and research and innovative industries to keep America strong. Manufacturing is a vital component of this economy and helps the other industries thrive. During WWII it was our ability to out compete and create our own products that lifted us to a world power. We must not forget where we came from if we want to continue to remain a world power. The future of this country belongs to its people, and it is the people’s choices that will determine the future of our great country. America will prevail, we just need to remember our past to secure our future. Josh’s journey takes viewers on a wild ride in rediscovering the America Dream!

Josh has given a voice to the “Made in America” movement, and many have rallied to his call of discovery. Josh asks the haunting question, “We are willing to DIE for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?”

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Made in the USA, I suggest you buy American

Although this is not a Christian film and not listed on the database, I was intrigued and offered to review this documentary.

This film was dedicated to every American worker who has lost a job due to outsourcing, and every entrepreneur fighting to keep the American Dream alive.

I loved the statement made in the beginning, “No country can maintain its strength without a strong economy.  This is where I would say…SELAH.   (Pause and think about that!)

I was really surprised that there are so few things made in the USA.  It’s interesting and informative!

This is a serious full length documentary, with quite a few humorous moments throughout.  It’s a call to change and improve our products and begin bringing jobs back to Americans, instead of outsourcing to other Countries.  It’s all about entrepreneurs!

Our decisions will determine the outcome of this great nation.  Another serious thought!  We, the people, have the power.

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