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“Madea Gets A Job: The Play” ~ CFDb Movie Review

Madea Gets A Job: The Play

In this filmed version of his musical stage play, Tyler Perry reprises his role as Mabel “Madea” Simmons, who’s ordered to perform community service at a retirement home. But the residents and staff aren’t quite ready for her brand of “the truth.”

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What a pleasant surprise!  Some of the best Christian conversation and advice was given throughout this play and it really leads you to ask some deep questions about yourself.  Great job Tyler!

It is especially funny when it looks like Tyler or the one that plays Hattie seems to be doing improv and it causes them to laugh or even giggle.  I’ve always loved that about plays.  It did remind me of Carol Burnett and I always enjoyed watching her show as a kid.  Tim Conway used to do improv during  the show and sometimes they would crack up.

There are some really deep thoughts brought out throughout this play, with some great singing too, and I believe it will speak to a lot of different people.  Although I am NOT a fan of crude humor, the woman who plays Hattie is one of the most talented actresses I’ve ever seen.



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