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‘Manny’s Obituary’ ~ CFDb Review



This is a modern version of the passion of Christ. Det. Tammy Hill investigates the death of a teenager named Manny (a nickname for Emmanuel), who was murdered at a public school in Los Angeles by gang members. In order to do so, she relies on the support of Brazilian law student, Carlos, to assist her in conversations with Manny’s friends. During the investigation, Manny’s body mysteriously disappears from the morgue.

In the process of interrogating Manny’s closest friends, famous characters from the passion of Christ become recognizable, like Matthew, Peter and Mary Magdalene. As the story unfolds, viewers will discover if the doubter of our story, Detective Hill, will accept the supernatural testimonies from those witnesses, or if she will uncover a criminal plot.



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About a month ago, Roger & I watched a short film that was submitted to a film festival that was very similar to this film and we really liked the concept of it so we were looking forward to seeing another short film that would go into a little more story line than the one we watched.

What I enjoyed most about this film was picking out which characters were supposed to be the people from the Bible.  I did also like the ending!

Since this was a short film it was really difficult to get attached to any of the characters, except that you knew the Bible characters ahead of time.

On a side note, I wonder what would take a true revival today, similar to the kind of revival that would happen if Jesus were to come today.  We are supposed to be His feet, His hands, His mouth…I just wonder what kind of Christian movie we could make based on reality, as a result of each of us doing what we are called to do?  Just thinking out loud as we know Jesus won’t be coming back in this way, even though we Christians all secretly wish He would.

HE IS ALIVE but we rarely act like it…

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