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‘The Master Designer: The Song’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘The Master Designer: The Song’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


The Master Designer: The Song

We live in a world that is inspired. Filled with majestic order, unbelievable beauty, and brilliant design. With the advance of science we see life in intricate detail and mind-blowing wonder.

The raging question of our time is “How did this all come to be?” Can it all be attributed to unintelligent random processes? Or is there another explanation? Does the scientific evidence now demonstrate clear design and reveal a Master Designer? And if it does, what does that mean to us? Join host Brian Corsetti on a journey into our created world to discover clues and answers that the animals themselves reveal. And discover the remarkable story of how some of these animals have even changed the course of history!

This is a glimpse into the blueprint of creation that reveals a dramatic story…a story of purpose, meaning, significance and ultimately love, all crafted by The Master Designer.

Sneak Preview

The Master Designer

Fantastic – BRAVO on this one – one of the best we’ve ever seen and we’ve seen A LOT of documentaries on nature/creation.

This documentary, fantastic for all ages, PERFECT.  Breathtaking cinematography!  This is the first documentary I’ve watched on Creation that I actually cried during the Cricket song.

A few things I liked about this one:

  • WOW – seriously – the entire film wowed me.
  • Very fascinating facts, many which I had never heard before.  Especially loved the history/animal facts.
  • We’re all created for specific purposes, whether we are human, insect, or animals.  We thrive when we are fulfilling that purpose.
  • The realization of God’s handiwork, His amazing forethought for each creature He made, His variety and love for each one of us…even the critters.

Loved this ENTIRE documentary and so will you!  Your kids will love it too!  It has some moments of humor as well.  Don’t miss this one.


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