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‘Meant to Be’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Meant to Be’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Meant to Be

After losing his job and girlfriend, Nathan Burr sets out on a quest to find the mother who gave him up 20 years ago. Encouraged by the wisdom of a housekeeper and the help of a stranger, he discovers her address. But when he learns a terrible secret, will he muster the courage to meet her?


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meant to be, christian film

For weeks now we’ve been getting a LOT of comments about this film and we finally had a chance to watch it last night.  This is such a powerful Christian film.  This one causes you to realize the plan God has for all of our lives, even before we are ever born.

A heartbreaking story that forces you to think and this is a film that everyone should see but I would not recommend it for children.  I would highly recommend it for a youth group with discussion afterwards as well.  This film can bring some real healing and save future lives.

Support this film, leave comments on the post and on the film page, send all the people you know to the film page and tell everyone you can, this film needs to make the Top 100 for 2013 and should be making the Top 10 for February as well.  These are the type of films that can make an impact on people’s lives, this is a film that glorifies God and uplifts humans.  SUPPORT IT!  Don’t forget to show LOVE to everyone you meet, you never know what type of struggles they have been through or are currently going through.

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  1. Michael says
    02 March 13, 6:16pm

    When I began watching the movie I was kind of disappointed because I figured it was just another one of those Dela Reese “Touched by an Angel” type movie theme. But I was surprised. It’s very, very powerful and definitely could be used to reach someone in crisis. I don’t want to say more than that but definitely watch it.

  2. 18 March 13, 1:18am

    Just watched this powerful film. I hope any person that is considering abortion will take the 90 minutes to watch it. I have worked at a pregnancy center for 30+ years now and I have never had one woman return to tell me she was sorry she carried. On the other hand, so many let me know how sorry they were that they went ahead the the abortion. God is able to see you through this time and He promises to honor those who honor Him. Choosing life above your circumstances takes courage & faith but it can be done!

  3. Jim says
    20 May 13, 8:03pm

    What an unabashed absurd fantasy that has so many inconsistencies that it should have a disclaimer!

  4. Annelie says
    21 May 13, 6:40am

    Most people really loved this film. It’s purpose was to bring healing to a lot of people who have had abortions, and it has fulfilled that purpose. Healing is always a good thing.


  5. Monique says
    28 October 13, 3:02pm

    The movie left you with some questions with no answers… But I got my own answer after ten years.
    I was living with shame and guilty feelings, even after being baptized Christian. Like Linda knowing that God has forgiven her after her bad decision I could not forgive myself. I did the same mistake, I aborted my little baby.
    The reasons, the excuses, nothing is valid. I’ve been living with this overwhelming feeling of guilt and it has many angles. One year after my abortion I got married and I have two children. Each time that I see my children’s face I ask myself how my other son/daughter were look. What they would think about their mother if they know the truth? What about God and Jesus, could they really forgive me for what I did to my own child?

    For the first years, I had that kind of thoughts, always it was about me. Selfish!!! Years later, I started thinking about my unborn child, what would be his judgment about his mother? How I’m going to face it when I died?… I have regreted my decision each day of my life… and it’s going to be for the rest of my life. It’s haunting me. I had asked God forgiveness in many ways and many times, I wrote letters to my son, I prayed for his forgiveness many sleepless nights. Watching this film I got one answer: my child could forgive me!!!
    This is my answer after watching this film. I never going to forget, but knowing that he can forgive me, I could have some healing to continue in this life. I watched this movie in the first hours of the morning of my birthday because I was sleepless, I didn’t know what it was about. It was a present to me from our Father God, He wants me to help others to avoid that mistake and He wants to set me free from guilt.

  6. Donna says
    26 March 14, 2:50pm

    I just finished watching this movie. I had no idea what it was about and was very surprised by the realization of the room with all the pictures. I too have had a termination of a pregnancy. I was raised Catholic and have allowed the imaginary walls of prison to surround me my entire life. I was punishing myself so bad that I became an agoraphobic and did not leave my house for 3 years. I have lived with guilt, shame, anxiety and depression over my decision. I find that forgiveness from what would have been my child or even God is not enough to release me from prison. I cannot forgive what has been instilled in me as a child. “Abortion is murder”, so my church says. I no longer attend church and when I have, have not walked away feeling changed. This is something that I know I will suffer my entire life. I do have to say, “Thank God for the medication I take every day of my life for the past 32 years that helps me function. This decision has taken my dreams, achievements and any future I wanted away from me. Women really need to know not just medical facts but what beliefs they have and how this will affect every moment after.

  7. Annelie says
    26 March 14, 4:07pm

    Donna, your story breaks my heart – abortion/murder/hatred/ all sin…can be forgiven and is forgiven just by asking. Moses was a murderer, and David
    too…so many people, so much pain but God is able…

    I John 1:9 – if we confess our sin, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Trust that promise and find a church where they love and teach the truth at the same time. You may not be able to forgive yourself, as I think Paul had the same difficulty but you can still trust in His promise for salvation.


  8. Ricquel says
    05 October 14, 2:04am

    I am currently a mother of 5 children….I ponder over the past often. I had 4 abortions and the worst was one I had after my 4th live birth and before my 5th live birth. The reason being I did not want to have it, but I was living with my mother after my husband and I separated. I re-met the man I should have married long before he went off to war. The man that would have been happy to share the rest of his life with me and keep all my babies. I may have had 9 children by now. I might have been a Veterinarian or a Holistic Doctor and He might have been a pilot or engineer. He would not have gone to Desert Storm so he would not be this angry man with all his dreams deferred. My family would have been in tact. Maybe

    My reality is not that; I aborted 1 after a rape, 1 after my boyfriend said do what you want…you have your dance career to consider, and the 3rd because the father wanted to be an engineer and we were fresh out of college and he was not ready for a baby. I would have given birth to them all…especially that last, the 4th child torn from my womb….I took the baby picture home and even contemplated lying about the abortion and having it anyway,….My mother said if I did not abort I had to get out of her house…because she thought I was making a really bad decision. The crazy thing is I used protection the last 3 times. The last abortion was the most hurtful because this father wanted his baby by me….and I wanted my baby,. I allowed another human being talk me into taking yet another life. God blessed me with 5 children … one more than I aborted. If I were rich and well off I would have more. My husband of 10 years… 17 if you include the years we have been separated; left me 4 months after our youngest child was born. We had a rocky marriage. Now my teenagers lives with friends and my youngest 3 live with me and my Mom. Not the best case. A month after my husband left my father died and the void I felt was so unbearable I was barely parenting my children …
    the grief was so great. David was the one who put the smile on my face again. he rented a room in the home I was not staying in and had left in shambles; he painted, he cleaned and he started to make it look like a home again.. He was warm, generous and caring but he was also old school and a vet with invisible wounds. I moved back in my house when my mother was becoming over protective or what I felt was over protective. David and I have been on a roller coaster ride..I aborted our first child on Halloween day and I had no idea that was the day his father was born..He wanted me to have the baby but I did not even tell him what I was doing and I knew he would have a hard time forgiving me… I kept our second baby and he is so amazing. David disciplined my oldest son and he told my mother and she reported it and he was under investigation while we were 8 months pregnant and he ended up missing his own sons birth trying to parent the son of the absent husband. His first child died in a car accident at the age of 12. He wants to marry … but my former husband has everyone thinking he is an addict. He has never been high or drunk once in the 7 years I have known him. He does have PTSD though. Now we are both fighting to bring our lives into balance. I still need to divorce my husband but I am afraid he will take all the children to New York but then again he probably will not because his girlfriend might not want the heart ache. I am looking for housing for 5 children and recreating my life all over again. My oldest son is living with friends and now I barely know him ….I want my family together but everyone is all over the place. This movie was healing for me. Did Nathan come back through the young pregnant girl….sometimes I look in my children’s faces and wonder if they were the children I aborted and they decided to come back to me. I love them more than I could ever express….I want them to be free and happy. They are all awesome children and if my own daughter ever got pregnant I would try to convince her to keep her baby and I would raise it myself if I had to. I never want her to experience all the regret and hurt that comes from having an abortion. Life is so precious and babies are so Divine……I would love to mentor and assist young women who decide to carry the life of their baby to the end. no matter what they decide , to keep them or to adopt them. Thank you for healing my heart with this movie.

  9. Annelie says
    05 October 14, 10:28am

    How heartbreaking to hear about your story – so much pain – I’ve always believed that God will have a special in the resurrection for those unborn babies. I know that the people reading your story will say a prayer for you and your family.


  10. Vee says
    05 November 14, 5:12pm

    I was bored then I decided to go watch tv with my younger sister I thought it was one of those boring movies. I asked her to change the channel but she insisted we watched it. I had no choice. I didn’t realize this was meant for me because I had recently aborted and it was not the first time. I fell pregnant the first time and could not keep it because I was so scared. I then fell pregnant again for the second time Unfortunately my boyfriend died when it was less than two months old. I decided to keep it but the saddest thing happened to me my baby died during birth the very same year, from there I never had peace since then. then this time around I got pregnant and the boyfriend gave me two options either he does not marry me or I abort I had a week to think about it then decided to go for abortion. and all I had were sleepless nights depression but after watching this I have realised that Our Lord Jesus has the greatest love for us all now I pray that all my babies that were meant to be are able to forgive me for such a terrible thing thati have done.this movie really helped me cause I had no one to talk to.

  11. Annelie says
    06 November 14, 7:38am

    Thank you for sharing with us Vee – God is so awesome, so forgiving and merciful to us. I had a couple of friends that decided to volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy center and that also helped ease some of their pain. You may want to pray about your situation with your boyfriend. God wants you to be at peace.


  12. Karen Mims says
    26 December 14, 6:47am

    While I fully understand and appreciate the message of the movie, I was very disappointed in the portrayal that aborted babies grow up, enteract with others and walk on this earth. That is so not scriptural! There is enough confusion about the scriptures and what the bible says about death and heaven, we don’t need to mislead. We need scriptural sound honest movies that attack the hurts of the masses. You almost made it. I won’t keep this movie in my library.

  13. Annelie says
    26 December 14, 7:48am

    It’s not a doctrinal movie, it’s a movie about forgiveness. That was the real point. This movie has caused people to realize they can be forgiven and caused some to choose not to abort their babies. That is a wonderful thing. Most movies aren’t really Scriptural unfortunately 🙁


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