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‘Midrange’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Midrange’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &



Damon Sharp has just finished four years of playing college basketball. With his dream of playing professional basketball in sight Damon returns home to find his brother Darrin consumed with drugs and alcohol and a mother who has lost her passion for life.

As Damon tries to stay on the right path, his brother has other ideas. When not even the sport of basketball can save their relationship the mother must step in to help Damon understand why his brother is the way he is. In a shocking turn of events Damon is given the opportunity for a heroic act that can save his brother. Doing this could jeopardize his dreams of playing pro ball.


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This was yet another surprise, LOVED this film!  Here were some of the highlights for me:

  • The realistic portrayal of the struggles new Christians face and peer/family pressure.
  • Jason Fields’ voice – sounds just like Adam Sandler – and all the “buddy” references, you’ll have to see to understand.
  • Although not a main theme, touching upon racism, which is still very prevalent today.
  • Playing and living for God and God alone and trusting that everything is in God’s hands.
  • A couple unexpected moments.
  • Loved the ‘Mercy Streets‘ moment.  Anyone that has seen Mercy Streets will know exactly which moment I mean.  Not sure if I could have done that.

midrange-trailer-01Jason Fields

My top pick for my favorite character in this one is the main character, played by Jason Fields.  CFDb had a chance to interview Jason as well.  Check out the CFDb Interview. I really loved his genuineness in this film, even the scenes of repentance.  He was a natural and looking forward to seeing more of his work.

Sean DouglasSean Douglas

So, I had to choose 2 favorites for this film.  The brother, played by Sean Douglas has some surprising moments and did a fabulous job.  Great choice for this role.

All in all, thoroughly enjoyed this film and am recommending this film, especially for new Christians.  This is a film that can be watched by the youth and great discussions will come as a result.

I would caution to watch this one first before showing your children, especially the young ones.

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