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‘About Miracles’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘About Miracles’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


About Miracles

About Miracles features four dramatic, true stories about modern day miracles. Told by the actual people involved and featuring gripping reenactments, these stories will amaze you as they strengthen your faith.

A man is robbed, then shot in the head at point-blank range and left for dead. A woman hears a voice telling her to go to the ER even though she has no physical symptoms. A student has just one week to raise thousands of dollars for a mission trip. A baby is injured in a car accident and gradually loses his sight while his parents pray for healing.

Life is dangerous. Complicated. Mysterious. In an age where God is no longer the central focus, the modern mind often prefers scientific arguments to explain life experiences. About Miracles offers the facts surrounding these true stories and concludes that sometimes…the only logical explanation is God.


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“When the Logical Explanation is God!”


Besides the miracles that took place, I loved hearing these stories and the great attitudes of these lovely people, especially the man who was robbed at gunpoint.

All four stories are wonderful and we highly recommend watching this docu-drama.

My favorite story was the most inspirational to me personally.  It was the story and faith of the literature evangelist.  I won’t give any spoilers here, but I will say that this girl’s faith inspired me to make a similar request and prayer of God and He’s been answering that prayer on a daily basis.  If you want to know what I asked for, you’ll have to e-mail me, otherwise it might spoil the story.

The picture posted above is just a reminder because some of you after watching this will wonder why a miracle never happened in your life.  Even if a miracle doesn’t happen to you, remember that Jesus is STILL always with you, wherever you go.  One DAY we’ll meet our guardian angel and find out just how many times miracles really did happen only we didn’t know about it!

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