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‘More than Making Maple Syrup’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

More than Making Maple Syrup Review

Whether you want to learn how to make Maple syrup, or you just want to enjoy some wholesome laughter as a family of 12 unites to accomplish a job together, we invite you to join the Moore Family in one of their favorite harvests of the year…tapping Maple trees, and making Maple Syrup!

From the tapping of the trees on their beautiful Virginia farm, to the final process of canning the delicious syrup, More Than Making Maple Syrup will be sure to delight and inform the young and old alike. In 7 simple steps, you’ll learn more than just how to make your own syrup. With family unity as a theme, and with a good dose of adorable two-year-old antics and humor, your family will be inspired to work together on your own projects in your neck of the woods!


Making More than Maple Syrup

Psalm 128:1, 2- Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways.  For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

The Moore Family is an amazing family that attempts to follow God in all they do and this is one of their films about tapping into a great treasure…SAP, in order to make Maple Syrup.  Nature does provide a LOT of hidden treasure but most people don’t ever find that out because of the world and lack of time…

This was very informative, taking you step by step in making maple syrup – from beginning to end.  The kids are always a lot of fun in their films.

This starting me thinking about the steps it takes and how it related to our steps in our Christian walk and in finding our hidden treasure in our lives…

Step #1 – Selecting the trees – How does does select us for a special task?  We know that He has a plan for every one of our lives, whether we choose to walk in that plan or not.  But how does God choose?  By looking at our hearts and not on our outside appearance.  He sees people differently than we do.  He sees our true hearts.

Step #2 – Choosing & Cleaning your Equipment – How are we cleansed?  The blood of Jesus cleanses us after we ask forgiveness for our sins and repent.  Then the Holy Spirit is given to us to equip us to work in His kingdom.

Step #3 – Tapping the Trees – God gives us all the tools we need, the gifts of the Spirit.

Step #4 – Collecting the Sap – Our daily time with God in Prayer and Bible study.  Building our relationship with Him.

Step #5 – Making the Syrup – This reminds me of the sanctification process…slow going sometimes and taking place on a daily basis.

Step #6 – Removing the Taps from the Trees & Cleaning the Equipment – Preparing our hearts for eternal life and for death in this life, making sure that there is nothing between us and God, finding peace and finishing well.

Step #7 – Enjoying the Syrup – HEAVEN and no more pain or fear or sin…WOO HOO!

I would love for someone to try making the maple syrup and letting me know how it went and how it tasted or if anyone else has actually done this already.  It looks like a lot of fun yet hard work…just like everything else in life.

I really enjoy watching this family serve God together.  They are great examples to follow…




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