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‘No Lost Cause’ ~ CFDb Christian Movie Review

No Lost Cause

No Lost Cause is about A young, Agnostic woman who is bound to a wheelchair after a car crash leaves her paralyzed. Now, Beth Ann Collins is forced to live with her estranged Christian father, Billy, living with the fear that she will never be able to walk again. Irate and confused, she takes her anger out on her father, her new idealistic acquaintance Nick, and God. While Beth Ann is determined to remain locked in her bedroom, Billy and Nick help her realize that God’s love for her is unending. She comes to accept Christ into her life and with that, love is redefined for her.

Sneak Preview

no lost cause

It is rare that I really like a certain actor/actress in a film but I had 2 favorites in this one.  I really liked the main character played by Caitlyn Waltermire, who reminded me of Helen Hunt and Ben Fabish who plays Nick’s friend.

This film, although serious at times, is quite humorous.  Some unexpected moments.

A few things I liked:

  • “These are the cards life dealt you” – Sometimes it is what it is.  It reminds me of something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  I made a stupid mistake, entirely my fault, and when I went to fix it I realized I couldn’t fix it and I might have to pay a penalty.  I started to get upset and angry about it when my wise husband said to me, “Why get mad, there is nothing you can do about it?”  It was at that moment I realized he was right – why do I ever get mad when something is out of my control?  Then I started to cry and said, “Then what do I do?”  I only cried for a few seconds and then moved on and told him that his words were brilliant and he needed to remind me of this more often.  This was life changing for me.
  • There was a great explanation given why there is bad in the world.
  • Enjoyed the explanation of the difference between a praiser and a worshiper. I remembered it days later when I was praying.  It’s great when something from a movie sticks with you.
  • No Lost Cause had a good ending as well.


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