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‘Against All Odds: Israel Survives’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Against All Odds: Israel Survives’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Against All Odds: Israel Survives

Modern day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age. How has it trumped through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks? Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories in this 13-episode series.

Even cynics will be challenged by this extraordinary journey through Israel’s turbulent history to explore incredible documented stories which helped create and preserve modern Israel. This stirring 13-part live-action series dramatizes awe-inspiring incidents that pose the question: Does a divine power continue to uphold the country?


Sneak Preview


This is a movie we rented from Christian Cinema and it sat next to the TV for a number of days before Roger convinced me we needed to watch this film.  WOW!  We HIGHLY recommend this film for everyone to watch.  Here are some highlights:

  • The spectacular minefield story in the beginning.
  • Journalists are there to present the questions, rarely providing the answers.
  • VERY interesting and fascinating stories about people and Israel I wasn’t aware of.
  • The story of Shula.  Prepare to be moved…

This film brought to me the fact of my own selfishness, especially the story of Shula and her love for her country and her people.

Queen Esther asked everyone to fast and pray for 3 days before she would go to the King and if she perished, then so be it.  Solomon prayed for wisdom so he could lead God’s people.  Ezra and Nehemiah prayed for the city and walls broken down, for the city to be rebuilt.  Martin Luther told them not to pray for him, but for the Word of God.  And Tyndale prayed while burning that the eyes of the King of England would be opened to the truth and all of these prayers were answered “YES”.

What do we pray for?  What is most important in this life?  God and His Word and people…all people are important.  This made me wonder where is my heart?  Do I love myself more than my God?

This film led to deep reflection and encouragement to follow God and His Word 100%.  This film also led me to pray a little differently than I had been.  Do NOT miss this gem!


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