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Oiltown, USA ~ CFDb Movie Review

Oiltown, USA ~ CFDb Movie Review


Oiltown, USA

Oiltown: U.S.A – Les Manning, a self made Texas oilman living in a world of wealth and power is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. However, when a kind but straight talking rancher stands up to him, and his only daughter discovers some of the details of his sordid lifestyles, manning’s world begins to crumble. After fighting God all his life, he must finally come to grips with the futility of his life and his need for change.



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Oiltown, USA

Another terrific Billy Graham Classic Film with Georgia Lee, one of my all time favorite actresses.  Check out the trailer with Georgia Lee posted above that talks a little about Oiltown, USA as well.  Here are some highlights for this one:

  • If you like older films, you’ll love this one.  Had the feel of a real musical, which brought me back to when I was a little girl listening to a record of  South Pacific and singing along to it, even though I never saw the film.
  • Love these old movies, there is such a purity about the entire film, including the way they dressed and spoke and especially how they treated their parents.
  • Some real catchy singing during the film
  • Another powerful message by Billy Graham, this message was direct, especially against idolatry.  You will be surprised what he names as idolatry.  Highly recommend paying attention closely during that sermon.
  • Loved the bold Christianity by the one couple.
  • Highlights how a phone call or conversation can really make a difference in someone’s life…sometimes the difference between life and death.
  • We are ALL connected and we need to recognize God’s opportunities He opens for us.  Keep looking out for that!

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