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‘Online’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Online’ ~ CFDb Movie Review



Online – Temptation is just a click away.

John Wilde is a happily married man who is about to face the biggest challenge of his life. Late one night, John logs into a social networking site and re-connects with his old high school flame, Adrianna. What begins as a harmless “Hello” rapidly escalates into a rekindling of their past romance. Torn between the life he once envisioned with Adrianna and the life he’s now building with his wife, Mary, John soon discovers that there are serious consequences to the decisions he has made. Now John must try to find his way back to God and get on a path to forgiveness from Mary, God and himself.

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Based on the title and tagline I was sure this was going to be about pornography, which is a HUGE problem today, even in professed Christian homes. I was PLEASANTLY surprised, as this topic is another VERY important one…a true flirting with temptation example that most people think is no big deal.

This is a great subject and really shows how easy it is to get back involved with someone from your past.  We have the example in the Bible to follow…Joseph…literally fleeing from temptation.

Great music in this one and I love how they show how defensive someone becomes when they are feeling guilty.  It was so believable.

It’s so important to have friends that you are accountable to.  True friends…the ones that tell you the truth, even when it hurts.

This is a film that will cause you to think twice before doing something similar to what this man did.  Keep the door closed before it’s even opened.  Our decisions DO make a difference.

What choice will you make?  Remember – every word we say, every thing we do, sows a seed either for good or for evil.  Choose Life!  Choose the Good!

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