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‘The Pink Room’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Pink Room’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Pink Room

The Pink Room – tells the story of Mien and other young girls who have been victimized in the unspeakably dark world of child sex slavery. Mien grew up in Svay Pak, Cambodia, a small village notorious for one thing: the trafficking of children. At a young age Mien entered life in a brothel, and her virginity was sold for a high price. Held hostage and raped daily by eager pedophiles, Mien’s sense of self-worth is diminished with each customer. But this is not just a story about the problem.

The Pink Room is an inspiring story of restoration as ordinary people become heroes, lives are mended, and Cambodians rise up to take back their country. In a world where it is estimated that over one million children are held captive and sexually abused, a flower blooms in the heart of Cambodia.


Sneak Preview


This documentary deals with a subject that is very heartbreaking to me…human trafficking.  These stories take place in Cambodia.

Here are a couple of things that stood out to me:

  • When culture tells you you’re trash, you believe it and you really don’t have much for options or don’t think you do.  Financial and emotional chains.  (This reminds me of the evolution crisis.  We tell our children that they’ve descended from apes and then wonder why they have no reason to live, or act no better than animals.  Our culture has also harmed our kids, just in a different way.  Thankfully we don’t ALL teach our children this…We know Who our Creator is and how we ALL have a purpose in life.)
  • Interesting story about a survivor of the Killing Fields and his connections helped start the ministry, Agape International Missions.
  • After Agape gets involved in a girl’s life rescued from human trafficking, it takes awhile for healing and to learn that they truly have value.  They learn good sustainable employment skills too.  This is part of the ATC – Agape Training Center.  Very encouraging.

GetInvolvedGet Involved

Here is how you can get involved now:

This comes directly from the Agape website – there are ways you can help and don’t forget about the power of prayer as well!

Get Involved

Frustrated? Angry? Tearful? You should be.

The problem of child sex-trafficking is so unbelievably evil it stirs the best and worst in us. At times it can seem overwhelming but you can make a difference. We all have time, talents and treasures that can bring freedom. Start here.

Give Donations

Just a dollar a day can make the difference between sexual servitude and freedom.

Advocate for Abolition

Be an advocate for abolishing the largest slave trade in history.
-Host an Awareness Night
-Screen The Pink Room Documentary
-Advocate at your school, work and Church
-Volunteer at AIM

Stay Informed

Learn the facts, hear the latest about the ground war on child sex-trafficking by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, and fight with us by joining the prayer team.
-Join our Prayer Team
-Subscribe to our Newsletter
-Get the Facts about Sex-trafficking in our RESOURCE section


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