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‘Pollyanna’ ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review


When the newly orphaned Pollyanna (Hayley Mills) comes to live with her wealthy aunt in Harrington Town, life looks promising. Despite her aunt’s insistence on propriety and modesty, Pollyanna’s cheerful, optimistic ways spread throughout the town converting even a cantankerous recluse and a whining hypochondriac.

Only Aunt Polly has trouble welcoming her young niece into her heart. In a clash between the townspeople and Aunt Polly over local politics, it’s Pollyanna’s influence that helps individual townspeople find the inner strength to stand up for their own beliefs.



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I LOVE this film!  This is another Christian film that can change your life if you let it!  When someone would call a person Pollyanna, it would be meant as an insult because people thought of her a miss goody two shoes.  I actually looked up this term to find out where it actually came from and what it means.  Here is what I found out…

GOODY TWO-SHOES – “A person who is affectedly good or proper; a person who is uncommonly good. Maybe just a mite too good and a bit too optimistic and a tad too nice? In an 18th-century nursery tale, believed to have been written by Oliver Goldsmith, the (Irish-born) English novelist, poet, and playwright. Good Two-shoes is very poor and has but one shoe. When she is given a pair she is so happy that she tells everyone that she has ‘two shoes’ – hence, her name. She later become wealthy, in the way of worthy nursery-tale children. Thus a goody two-shoes is someone like her; properly behaved, happy, cheerfully optimistic, nice. As you might guess, the term has acquired a negative aura; someone too nice to be completely sincere.” From “Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Allusions” by Elizabeth Webber and Mike Feinsilber (Merriam-Webster, Springfield, Mass., 1999).

Actually being likened to Pollyanna is a compliment because she is the epitome of true Christianity.  Not perfect, but VERY close to it, especially in her attitude.  She doesn’t judge people, she loves them and is content with her life even though life has not been necessisarily good to her.

She is most known for her “Glad Game” that she plays.  No matter what happens in her life, she stops and thinks about something she can be glad about a particular situation.  She also talks to the minister about the Happy Texts found in the Bible.  Fabulous!

I once heard a story about a grandmother who never had a bad word to say about anyone.  Her grandsons were trying to trip her up one day and asked her what she thought about the devil.  The grandmother thought for a minute and replied, “He sure is a hard worker!”.   From the moment I heard that story I thought to myself that I wanted to be like that.  That was many years ago and it’s still my ultimate dream!

Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Snow

This is my favorite character in this movie.  She is the most negative person I’ve ever seen portrayed in a movie and how she is changed by Pollyanna’s character.  AMAZING!  This woman really made me laugh at how she behaved, even though it was also very sad because there are a lot of negative people in the world we live in.  As Christians, we have so much to be thankful for that this should not be spoken of us.  Christians should be the happiest people in the world…not necessarily because our lives are without problems, but because we an eternal life awaiting us…a world without pain or suffering!  HALLELULAH!





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  1. 29 July 12, 10:35am

    I have always loved this movie. I haven’t seen it in years, but it has remained a favorite.

  2. 06 August 12, 12:16pm

    I’m with you, Cindy. Haven’t seen it for a few years, but scenes from it are indelibly etched into my memory banks. I still reference Pollyanna in my writing from time to time. I wish our young people were being shown this movie instead of the junk that passes for entertainment today.

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