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Princebury Film Festival ~ San Diego, CA ~ November 8-10

Princebury Film Festival ~ San Diego, CA ~ November 8-10

Princebury-Film-Festival-Ad-croppedPrincebury Film Festival

Princebury Film Festival, formerly known as San Diego Christian Film Festival, is “Where Families Come First“.  Schedule & Details.

Princebury Film Festival’s mission and focus are on family-friendly & faith-based films, documentaries & shorts that embody the highest production quality in the motion picture industry.  Their selected films offer uncompromising family values; professionally written, compelling stories; exceptional cinematography & music; outstanding acting & directing and powerful messages.  Hosting over 200 industry experts, Princebury provides an encouraging environment that connects other film makers together, fosters their skills and talents, and offers extraordinary networking opportunities.  Princebury’s goal is to bring family friendly and faith based films to a level that surpasses anything in the current motion picture industry.

Whether they are showcasing a comedy, drama, or action film, the type of movies, they are interested in center around strong character-driven plots, well structured stories, and powerful, lasting messages.  Family friendly films and television are not only the most popular among the general public and worldwide, but they are often the most profitable.  As outlined in and other research, movies with G or PG ratings do better than PG13 and R.  Also, films with no profanity, nudity or graphic violence have a larger audience attendance and gross more returns at the box office.  It is Princebury’s mission to produce the highest quality films in the motion picture industry and to showcase the filmmakers who embody and share this vision.  The time has come to clean up the industry and give the public compelling, family driven content.


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Fantastic Workshops

  • Mastering the Basics of Storytelling & Scriptwriting
  • 20 Dos and Don’ts for Marketing Faith-Based Films
  • How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul) by Dr. Ted Baehr (#1 Pictured above)
  • Acting for Tomorrow by Jenn Gotzon (#2 Pictured above)
  • The Art of Film Finance
  • Casting: From Auditions to Film Roles
  • Developing a Movie – From Concept to Production & Distribution by Mark Joseph (#4 Pictured above) & even more…

Several VIP’s will be there as well, including Kevin Sorbo (#3 Pictured above)



Purchase your TICKETS today.


Princebury vertical banner Great Films


There will be great films, such as ‘The Ultimate Life‘, ‘Home Run‘, ‘God’s Not Dead‘, and more…

For more information Princebury Film Festival

In partnership with Movie to Movement,

The Princebury Film Festival will be hosted at the

Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego,

5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego, California

November 8-10, 2013.


Princebury Productions & Media, LLC

2010 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Suite 220

Del Mar, California 92014

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