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‘Prodigal’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Prodigal’ ~ CFDb Movie Review



Levi Layton is tired of small town life, and the expectations of being a preacher’s son. Eighteen years old and armed with a $100,000 inheritance, a life of fast cars, raging parties, and new friends is just a midnight escape away.


Sneak Preview

The Prodigal, christian movie

The first song – Love Will Lead You Home – was really good and so appropriate for this timeless classic retold in modern times.

Abigail, pictured above, was by far my favorite character in this film.  There is one moment where I was sure she would surrender to temptation, but she doesn’t.  She stands strong and it was wonderful!

I believe quite a few people will relate to at least one character in this movie.  The lesson of forgiveness is clear, as well as the message of neglect, and some very obvious mistakes made by the 2 main fathers.

All in all, this movie is a sad one.  So many people become prodigal sons and daughters.  The question is…were you one of them?  Are you one of them now?  If you are…it’s time to surrender and ask Jesus for forgiveness, as well as your family.  Come back home to the TRUE Father and Son, Jesus Christ.


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