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‘Race To The Finish’ ~ CFDb Recommendation & Review


This true story is about a young man named Harlan; a special needs boy who was being attacked by neighborhood bullies; when 16 year old Paul jumped in and defended him, only to get himself beaten up.

While playing football a few days later, Paul asked Harlan to go out for a pass. While other kids laughed, Harlan took off running faster than anyone has ever seen.

This unusual, yet divine meeting became the genesis for one of the most encouraging stories ever told.

This heart pounding, tear jerker will have you on your feet and cheering with joy as these young men “Race to the Finish”.


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I REALLY loved this movie, especially as it was inspired by a TRUE story!  This is my type of movie, one that shows true Christianity in action.  What an inspiring story.

There are several reasons I enjoyed this film, other than the fact it was true.  I love the idea of someone that steps out of their comfort zone to be a true friend and especially getting involved in sticking up for another person.  True friendship and true Christianity!

I’m glad they also showed a little of the reasoning behind the bad behavior of the bully in this film.  It reminds me of Joyce Meyer’s saying, “Hurting people…hurt people!”  I wish we would all remember that in our daily lives!

“With God ALL things ARE possible” and this movie brings that out splendidly!  CFDb recommends this film, especially to watch with your children.

Aj Jabaji as Paul and Gregory P. Robbins as Harlan

These two were my favorites in this film and I thought they did a great job.   I hope to see them again in future Christian films.  I hope that acting in a film like this made a deep impression on them as individuals.  Their roles in this film were truly inspirational.  My prayer is that the people that watch this film will be inspired to show Jesus to others the way these two did.


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  1. Cheyanne Kurzweg says
    20 July 12, 7:40am

    This is an outstanding movie. Great actors. Very inspiring.

  2. Larissa Cisz says
    20 July 12, 8:18am

    I LOVED Race to the Finish!!!!!!! It was an amazing movie!

  3. Alana Cisz says
    20 July 12, 8:30am

    Race to the Finish is a movie sent by God in our culture, in which bullying is very common and very destructive. God will use it mightily for His Kingdom!

  4. Kay says
    20 July 12, 9:38am

    I have seen this movie twice and it is awesome! Yes it has a faith friendly message which is fine but I see it more as a story that showed me that I can do anything with my life if I try hard and that we should treat each other with kindness instead of evil. When my friends and I saw it the 2nd time you walk away from the movie just feeling good.

  5. Sherrie Lynn says
    20 July 12, 10:30am

    This is surprisingly one of the best movies I have seen this year and I agree that you walk away feeling good. Crying but its a good cry

  6. Phyllis Christy says
    20 July 12, 11:01am

    I love this movie! I watched it with my teenage grand children and they said they will care more about people with disabilities after watching this movie. I think the schools should make kids watch this movie! maybe there will be less hatred and more love!

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