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Recommended Christian Movies from CFDb

Recommended Christian Movies from CFDb


CFDb Recommendations

The best place to find out what Christian movies CFDb Recommends, try the Blog Page, and Choose the Recommendations Category from the Drop Down Menu.

Here is a hint.  For all the Reviews that are Recommended, we’ve rated them 4 or 5 stars.


CFDb Not Recommended List

It’s important to look at each movie page to check for any warnings.  What type of warnings are on CFDb?

  • Parental due to language/sexual content/or intense topic.
  • Not really a Christian Film, but marketed to the Christian Church.
  • Not really a Christian Film, but a call to action for the Church.
  • Do NOT watch at all.  (Possibly marketed to Christians but really anti-Christian in content)

We also link to Dove Reviews if possible so that you can read more warnings.


caution_wallpaper_by_claine89-d5atyij (1280x720)WARNING


Please take note that just because a film is listed on CFDb, that does NOT mean that we recommend the film, or that we have watched the film.  We NEED people like you to let us know if there needs to be a warning on a film that isn’t there already.

So please help us make sure CFDb is accurate and all warnings that need to be on a film page are there for future viewers.

Here are some guidelines to what Films can be listed on CFDb.


a huge thank you(1)


A huge, big…Thank You in advance for helping CFDb stay current!  Here are ways you can help us:

  • Comment on the films you’ve seen.
  • Rate the films you’ve seen.
  • E-mail us to let us know that a warning needs to be on a specific film.
  • Purchase your products at Christian Book through our Store Link which will help financially support CFDb.
  • Check out our Advertising Rates and advertise with us today.  We have options as low as $50.  Here are our Google Stats.  For more about our advertising, contact Tanika Edmonds.

If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.


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