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‘Redeemed’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘Redeemed’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation




Paul Tyson (Ted McGinley) is a loving husband, devoted father and well-respected businessman on the brink of the biggest deal of his career. But when Julia (Ana Ayora), the breathtakingly beautiful representative sent to manage the buy-out of Paul’s company, Paul finds himself letting their relationship going further than he intended. As the pressures of a crumbling company creep in, and intense new feelings abound, wedding vows get put on the back burner and the question arises… Just what is adultery?

At what point does a relationship move from innocent communication to a potential threat to a marriage?



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Based on a true story, this is a MUST SEE film that all couples should watch as it shows the dangers of imagination.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Will we choose to obey God or follow our own desires.
  • A couple brilliant moments that were surprising.
  • Very much like a Samson/Delilah story at times.

We need to walk in wisdom and becoming friends and hanging around (including online) with members of the opposite sex, while you are married is 100% wrong.  There are countless stories of men/women who were burned as a result.

One of the easiest ways people fall out of love is discussing the faults of their spouse with someone else.  When that someone else is someone of the opposite sex, the faults of the spouse become magnified and suddenly the other person seems to look better in every way.  Taking time every day to focus on the positive traits of our spouse is a great idea!

This film also brings out the dangers of our imagination.  Our greatest enemy is in our own minds.  This is why Jesus warned us that to look on a woman with lust was already committing adultery in our hearts.  This applies to women as well.



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