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‘Revelation Road’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

Revelation Road

Where were you when the world ended? Josh McManus, a traveling salesman with a history of violence, was passing through a dusty West Texas town. The right man at the wrong time, Josh foiled a robbery perpetrated by The Barbarians, an outlaw biker gang led by a vicious man named Hawg.

Then it happened. An unnatural flash in the sky, followed by a crippling series of earthquakes, throws the entire world into chaos. Is it the long-awaited event called The Rapture? Josh doesn’t care. His only goal is to get home to his family, but he’ll have to fight his way through the Barbarians to do so. It will be a dangerous journey to the very center of his soul.



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Revelation road

This movie had the best rapture seen in it we’ve ever seen, very unique and moving!  There were a few things that stood out to me in this film that I liked.

A few sayings – the voices of the righteous are being drowned out by the wicked.  What a great end time thought and truth.

Each person has a part in God’s plan…very true…no matter what time in history we’re in.

My most favorite has stayed with me ever since I watched this movie and I’ve even shared it with others at least 2x this past week.  You’ll have to see the movie to understand but there is a scene where the main character is trying to sell a bullet proof vest to a shop owner.  The shop owner asks him 3 questions.  One of the questions was fantastic.  Where do you place your trust?  In this vest or in God?

This has made a HUGE impact on me.  I’ve asked myself this question in regards to different things in my life many times over this past week.  It really caused me to find out how much I truly trust God.  For this reason alone I have to say “Bravo” to this movie.  Any movie that changes your walk with God is a GREAT movie!  I hope it affects you as much as it affected me.

So…I have a serious question to ask?  Over the past 8-9 weeks I’ve been seriously wondering if we might be getting close to the beginning of the end…Jesus’ return being sooner than we think.  I’ve been reading a lot of articles, watching a lot of YouTube videos, speaking to many different people who are wondering the same thing.  What’s your opinion?  If yes…tell us why.

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  1. chris says
    20 March 13, 8:30am

    sounds like a hit, and not just a hit, but one with a strong message. i love faith-based films!!!!

  2. Cindy says
    22 March 13, 7:52pm

    Always hoping to find good faith-based films…

  3. 22 March 13, 8:05pm

    I was excited toread about this movie. Sounds like Christian films are stepping up a few notches. Reminds me of the Mad Max films

  4. Anita says
    22 March 13, 11:35pm

    I love watching the faith base movies get better and better

  5. Kel says
    07 April 13, 9:04pm

    Good movie, but I’m not a fan of having to wait for #2 to see what happens. Please inform us of the release date for number 2. Thank you.

  6. Ann says
    22 April 13, 5:14pm

    My husband and I watched it this past weekend. I loved it. At one part when everyone saw the bright light and then it happened made me jump and shout! Can hardly wait to watch Revelation Road 2.

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