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‘Sarah’s Choice’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Sarah’s Choice’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &


Sarah’s Choice

Sarah Collins is a young woman on the rise. As a junior account executive at a major advertising agency, Sarah is poised to get it all: executive promotion, salary increase, new car, fabulous apartment and first-class travel. There’s only one thing that’s going to keep her from getting it, her unborn baby.

But Sarah has a choice. Her friends and co-workers insist that she has the right to choose a path that offers a successful career and unlimited material rewards. But according to a mysterious stranger, and a series of three nocturnal visions, Sarah has another choice a choice that will not only change her life but also the lives of her loved ones now and forever.

In 1973 The United States Supreme Court struck down state laws that ban abortion, but the moral controversy surrounding the issue is far from resolved. If it is legally true that a woman can make her own private decision regarding her reproductive health, Sarah’s Choice is a film that offers compelling moral reasons to choose life.


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sarah's choice - review

We saw this again for the 2nd time and I think I liked it even better the 2nd time!  What a powerful film!  One thing that stood out so strong to me is the idea of the woman’s career being more important than an actual baby growing inside.  I know this is realistic.

One statement made that really bothered me “You always lose when you let circumstances control you life!”  It bothers me so much because I know there is a lot of truth to that statement but not when a baby is compared to a circumstance.  Such a sad statement.

I love the idea of visions being given, similar to the Scrooge – A Christmas Carol story.  I wish that would happen more often to us as a people.  Seeing a glimpse of the future would help a lot of us make better decisions…in every area of life!

I did like that they brought out that there was a post abortion recovery group.  I wasn’t even aware of that.   Abortion Recovery Group.  If you are struggling, there are groups that can help.  I would encourage you to go and find a group nearby.

The last thing I want to mention was another statement about how the great stuff comes out only after you’ve gone through the tough stuff.  A lot of truth to that one as well.

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