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‘The Saratov Approach’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘The Saratov Approach’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


The Saratov ApproachThe Saratov Approach



Two missionaries are kidnapped and held for ransom while serving in Russia.



Sneak Preview

The Saratov screen shot

Although this film is not on CFDb, it was definitely worthy of a review.  Here were some highlights:

  • The conversation about Jesus and Gethsemane – very powerful.
  • The scene where they make the decision to allow God to work, instead of taking things into their own hands.

This is a wonderful film that every Christian should watch.  This film is about 2 Mormon missionaries that were kidnapped, but these kidnappings and persecutions happen all over the world to Christians and the way they handled themselves was realistic, yet showed such faith and trust in God.


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