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‘Seasons of Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Seasons of Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life – Lauren (Lilly Melgar) has obtained her childhood dream of a perfect storybook life, living in a peaceful mountain community with her soul mate and two children. Then one day, tragedy strikes. In an instant, her husband and children are taken away. Filled with guilt and despair she spirals down onto the streets of homelessness in Los Angeles. Lost and without hope she meets a stranger, Angela Washington (Toni Small) and by her grace Lauren finds hope and strength to continue.

Nestled deep in the wilderness alongside her loving mate and two beautiful children, Lauren is living the life she always dreamed of. But her picture perfect existence is shattered when a tragedy catapults her from these idyllic surroundings to the rough and tumble streets of downtown Los Angeles.

Sneak Preview


I chose the picture above as a reminder while watching this movie what the title is, ‘Seasons of Life’.  It’s interesting how there are seasons in our lives and how they separated the seasons of Lauren’s life with pictures of the different seasons.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 – To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven:

Here are a few things that spoke to me during this film:

  • Although this is about Lauren, there is a 2nd story here – the good Samaritan.  Fabulous show of genuine Christian love.
  • Loved mostly the respect shown to a homeless person.  EVERYONE deserves respect.
  • Everyone grieves differently but it’s super important to be surrounded by people who love you and will help you get through tragedy.
  • When you are hungry, you’ll do anything.  Although this referred to the Prodigal Son and eating of the pigs food while he could have been feasting at His Father’s table, this leads me to think about being hungry for God and His Word.  Willing to suffer and even die for Jesus and the truths of the Bible.

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