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“Second Glance” ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

“Second Glance” ~
CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation

Second Glance

Dan Burgess (David White) is a senior in high school who is questioning whether his Christian commitment is worth it. There’s a big party coming up and all the kids are going. He’d like to go but knows he shouldn’t.

There’s a certain girl he’d love to date but knows he shouldn’t. The “guys” continually make fun of his faith in Christ and Dan feels that he’s missing all the “fun” offered by the world. Plus, Dan’s stand for Jesus doesn’t seem to be influencing anyone.

So one night, out of frustration, Dan decides his faith is restricting him. He wishes he had never become a Christian. Does he get his wish?


Sneak Preview

Second glance angel david white

This is one of my favorite older Christian Teenager films.  I’ve seen this David White film quite a few times before I even knew who David White was.

This teen goes through what a LOT of us wish we could go through, finding out if we are really making a difference or not, if our prayers are really working.  This teen finds out what would have happened if he hadn’t been a Christian.  It’s a great film, full of humor and yet a serious film.

It’s an older film so you’ll notice the clothes especially but still a FANTASTIC film and well worth watching.

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  1. Cindy says
    09 January 13, 7:03am

    It does have a dated look, but the theme is one that never grows old. I love most of David White’s film and this is one I have seen many times.

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