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A Couple Short Films by Good Fight Studios ~ CFDb Movie Review

A Couple Short Films by Good Fight Studios ~
CFDb Movie Review


You NEVER Know, Christian Movie, Film, DVD

All It Takes is One Great Move to End Everything, Christian Movie, Film, DVD
Checkmate (Short Film) from James Burns on Vimeo.


CFDb doesn’t normally do reviews on short films, but after watching, I decided to make an exception.

You Never Know – God does work in mysterious ways.  This one brought back some memories for me as well, although I can honestly say I’ve never felt led to witness quite as open as this guy did in a public place.  When we speak to people about Jesus we are sowing seeds, but occasionally as we are sowing seeds into a specific person’s life, someone else is affected instead.  Powerful points and a great tool for sharing, especially for the youth.

CheckMate – All it takes is one great move to end everything.  LOVED the beginning statement they made about tobacco and alcohol.  Bravo for them!

This one is another good discussion starter that would be great for youth and all those who are affected by peer pressure.

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