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‘Shout for Joy’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Shout for Joy’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Shout for Joy

SHOUT FOR JOY is the dramatic true story of Rick Irons and his pursuit of a relationship, championship, and real direction in life.

Rick Irons (Robert Pierce) moves to Hawaii to live in paradise and surf the gigantic waves. When he first arrives, he meets a Christian man (Michael Cummings) who offers him a job working on surfboards. Later at a party, Rick meets Alma (Maureen McCormick) who quickly becomes a love interest. Finally, he begins to train for the United States surfing title.

As Rick’s life is racing to the top on the outside, he personally feels like the bottom is falling out on the inside.

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Shout for Joy

This is such a fantastic film.  It’s an oldie but goodie, a real classic with a powerful message.  Some highlights:

  • True story about Rick Irons, the surfer.
  • Jesus has the power to transform lives – the one Christian that had such an impact on Rick’s life…do others notice Jesus in us?  Do others nothing there is something different about us, just by being around us?  If not, then something is wrong.
  • The power of prayer…awesome!
  • The true power of love and patience too!
  • Loved watching the wife be a true help mate, even without being a Christian.
  • How important the job of a trainer really is, made me think of the Gabby Douglas story, and also reminds me of how important discipleship training is too.
  • The most powerful message that came across to me is not to give up hope and don’t judge whether this person or that person will or won’t come to Jesus.  Keep praying, don’t lose hope.  God has a plan for each one of us and when we are burdened for someone, don’t quit praying and just being an example for them.
  • And did you know the main character is also in ‘Alone, Yet Not Alone‘?

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