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‘Sidewalk Singer’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Sidewalk Singer’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Sidewalk Singer

Sidewalk Singer – From the writer of two nationally published novels, A Choice to Cherish and Written on Her Heart, comes an inspirational, church-produced drama about Kris Kivi, an everyday man who has lost his family to a tragic accident and his job to the recession.  Forced to play his guitar on the streets for donations, Kris must overcome harassment from a small town gang as well as prejudice from members of a local church.

Written by novelist and pastor Alan Maki and directed by New York International Film Festival winner Jeff Thomas, Sidewalk Singer is an uplifting slice-of-life film about overcoming hardship through the strength of faith. Featuring performances by Jason Carter (Babylon 5) and Joshua Haze (Days of Our Lives) and original songs by Maki and Kent Marcum.

Sneak Preview

sidewalk singer

Absolutely LOVED the pastor in this film, exactly what I see as a great Pastor, revealing true Christianity in his character.  The best part of this movie for me was Chris’ speech at the church meeting.  Fantastic!

This is a movie about a singer, so there is a LOT of singing in this movie.  If you like singing, you’ll really like this one.

Also, if you are a cat lover, you’ll love Mocha, who is a big part of Chris’ life.

One thing that really stood out to me was Chris being able to sing after a real tragedy in his life.  We need to remember that everyone we meet is going through some sort of trouble or suffering.  That is why we need to be merciful and compassionate with everyone we meet.  We ALL have a story to tell.

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