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‘Silent Night’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Silent Night’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


Silent Night

The powerful true story behind the most popular Christmas carol of all time.

In 1818, when Joseph Mohr is assigned to be the new assistant priest in Oberndorf, a small Austrian town near Salzburg, the young man is full of ideas and ideals. His passion to bring the church closer to the common people sets him on a collision course with his superior, Father Noestler. When Mohr organizes a church choir that includes outcasts from the local tavern and performs in German instead of Latin, Noestler threatens him with disciplinary action. The night before Christmas, Mohr has to decide if he will accept defeat and leave Oberndorf or embrace the true significance of the Holy Night.



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Silent Night

What a delightful story about how the song, Silent Night, came into being.  Loved the cinematography and musical score in this one as well.  Here were a few highlights:

  • The way this priest lived is how I picture true Christianity in action, even though I didn’t agree with every decision he made.
  • Loved the statement, “How can I be lonely with God by my side”?  Isn’t that the truth.  I wish we would all practice His presence because He truly is with us wherever we go and during our most difficult moments.
  • This brought out how much beauty is to be found in music and in praising our God.

This is a man that was revolutionary for his time.  He had a true vision and stayed with it, even though being sidetracked.  It brought encouragement to me and I think it will be encouragement to you too, no matter what trials you might be facing, especially those trials where you are fighting for what is right.

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