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‘Six: The Mark Unleashed’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Six: The Mark Unleashed’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Six: The Mark Unleashed

In the last days before Armageddon, a brutal dictator rules Earth. Using high-tech surveillance from satellites through a sophisticated chip implant, the Community Police Force infiltrates every facet of human existence, tracing each physical and digital footprint left behind.

For humanity, freedom is just a fond memory and defiance means death. Two political prisoners (David White, Kevin Downes) meet a mysterious stranger (Stephen Baldwin) who holds the key to their escape and mankind’s survival. Unbeknownst to the prisoners, CPF agents broker a deal with an inmate (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for his life in exchange for betraying Christian renegades.

These three unlikely allies must escape the executioner’s blade, thwart a manhunt by elite CPF operatives (Amy Moon, Brad Heller) and join forces with the world’s most wanted fugitive: the leader of the resistance (Cosimo Michael). If they fail, humanity will be marked for death, the resistance will collapse and the enemy will have taken every last life.


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We just re-watched this film yesterday and we couldn’t believe what a fantastic film really is.  Powerful message and really well done in so many ways! Here are just a few of the highlights for me:

  • The speech at the beginning made by the girl on the screen.  Pay close attention to all she says.
  • Loved Stephen Baldwin’s role in this.  This is my favorite role of his by far.  The way God speaks to him and how he just seems to know things.
  • Lots of humor intermixed.
  • Favorites were the deliverance scenes and there were more than one.

We highly recommend this film!

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