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“Smokescreen” ~ CFDb Review


Jerry Collins, a wolf in the skin of a saint deceived many including his wife and pastor. He worked selflessly, gave generously and supported the work of God’s Kingdom diligently. If good works alone is a guarantee of making heaven, Jerry would be in the forefront. But God is not mocked! It was only a matter of time before his carnal deeds would be revealed. God showed Jerry some tough love, but will it be enough to lead Jerry away from the path of destruction? Will Jerry grasp the second chance he is being offered by God? Watch in this movie how God is able to see through the SMOKESCREEN into the heart…









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Another realistic film regarding deception.  We need to be so careful when praising our brethren, only God truly knows the heart.  Sometimes the person that seems to be so much like Jesus, is really living a double life.  It’s a sad situation, but it’s true.  That is why prayer is so important.  One of the reasons we should be careful is because when someone falls that we think is so wonderful, it shatters our faith when we should be focusing our eyes on the Saviour, instead of each other.

My favorite part is when they are praying fervently, while claiming God’s Word.  They were praying in faith.  I remember a few years ago there was a church meeting where 2 people were coming to present a letter of accusation against someone else in the church.  It was expected to be a long meeting, with a lot of anger and animosity.  My friend and I decided to spend the time praying instead of attending the meeting.  So we went to a different location in the church and prayed and claimed promises.

We were only praying about 1/2 hour when my friend’s husband came in and said the meeting was over.  God did an awesome thing.  He touched the hearts of the 2 accusers and they asked forgiveness and withdrew their accusations.  It was this tremendous answer to prayer that really encouraged me and proved to me the true power of prayer.


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  1. Cindy says
    30 October 12, 12:00pm

    Oh, wow!! That looks amazing!! Great trailer!

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