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‘My Son’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘My Son’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
Highest Recommendation


My Son

Cadon wasn’t going anywhere . . . until he met Jess. Now that Jess and her young son Austin are living with him, his life seems to have direction and purpose.

But when they lose custody of Austin under questionable circumstances, Cadon feels responsible. His hope of having a normal family is all but lost. Desperate to keep Jess, Cadon turns to his lifelong friend Bo for help to reclaim their son.



Sneak Preview

My Son Screen shot

Heartbreaking realities in this film as they transport you into the lives of so many of the different characters.  As a result this film stays with you and causes you to think about what could have been done in each of their lives so that there would have been a different outcome.  Here were some highlights:

  • We all go through something at some point in our lives and it’s so hard to forgive, yet it’s totally necessary to heal, AND for salvation.
  • Just 1 bad decision can literally affect your whole life.  If you don’t believe that, look at David/Bathsheba.  He paid for that sin for many years.
  • Somewhere in the midst of a tragedy, God will make Himself known.
  • The sister who was an amazing example of Christianity in action.

This film made me so proud to be a Christian.  Such amazing quality, with a powerful message.  It was such a wonderful plot, unique and interesting all throughout.  A real delight and we agree with a lot of others that the “R” rating was unwarranted.

I would recommend that parents watch this before showing it to younger children as some of scenes are pretty intense.

Restin BurkRestin Burk

CFDb Favorite pick ~ Restin Burk, who played Cadon was fabulous in this film and Kate Randall, who played Jess, reminded me so much of Lindsay Lohan, when she’s blond.   We are hoping to see these two in future faith based films.


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