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‘Stagecoach Santa’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Stagecoach Santa’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Stagecoach Santa

After the loss of the family farm, the Thompsons head west for a fresh start. John’s struggle to provide for his family is bolstered by the childlike faith of his young son who, despite his new environment, inspires everyone he meets to consider the true meaning of Christmas.

After a mysterious stagecoach rider visits in the dark hours of Christmas Eve, even John must believe that his troubles are temporary, and miracles do happen on Christmas.



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This is a kids film with a faith message.  There is one statement I really liked from this film.  “Faith is strengthened by the tough times”.  Isn’t that the truth!  Of course it can go either way – we can either be strengthened by our trials or choose to lose our faith and trust in God.  It’s so important, as Christians, to trust God no matter what happens in our lives.  Easier said than done, I fully realize this!

There is one issue that I had with the film.  I am one of those people that do not believe in lying for any reason so watching people tell children that Santa is real, bothers me.  I don’t mind the telling of the legend story of Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa.  We would recommend that film for kids.

There was at least one scene that was a little confusing where Santa and God seemed to be intermingled.

As long as the parents watch the film with their kids, then they can be available for questions.  This is a film that would be sure to initiate some good conversation.

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