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‘Stand Strong’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Stand Strong’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Stand Strong

If you lose it all, will you stand or fall?

Matt Webster measures his success by his possessions. Though he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void of a purposeless life. Broken relationships, isolation and pain for himself and his family, are the result of his pride and selfishness.

Through a series of financial and family crises, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are humbled enough to learn what success is really all about.

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Stand Strong, Christian Movie

We just recently watched this movie for the 2nd time, that is how good it is!  This family seems to be too rich and too sad!  What is rather typical is that they really aren’t that rich, they are just spending their money VERY poorly.

My Favorite character in this film was Cameron Webster, played by Nathan Dobbin, pictured below.  A very sad little boy with such an amazing heart.  He really makes you want to have children.  Practically perfect!

Nathan Dobbin

There are so many things I liked about this film.  Here are just a few:

  • We own nothing…everything belongs to God
  • God’s law in finances – I just wish they would have discussed that further.  I wanted to grasp the concept of the chart shown.  Maybe they’ll make a discussion guide on finances to go along with the film…
  • Not doing anything bad is way different than doing something good.

We really enjoyed the main song in this film as well.

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