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Start the New Year by putting your kids “Safety First”

Start the New Year by putting your kids “Safety First”.
Invite Sonia Denice to come speak at your School,
PTA group or Organization about
“Child Safety Awareness” & “Bullying”

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Hello, my name is Sonia Denice. I am a children’s book author and an advocate for children’s safety. I reside in Dallas, Texas. Every day the news media report tragic story after tragic story about the abductions, abuse, and murder of children. These heinous crimes deserve our highest priority.

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My husband, Ben De La Torre, and I have dedicated our lives to conducting a Child Safety Awareness campaign in preschools, elementary schools and among parent and teacher organizations. I have written a book on child safety entitled “Saved by a Whistle” which parents, grandparents and educators are reading to children to educate them on ways to identify and protect themselves from people who seek to harm them and take them away from the people they love. I also conduct informative power point presentations throughout the city of Dallas on child safety and bullying that includes educational videos and valuable safety information to groups and organizations.

 Saved by a Whistle

Please feel free to visit my website at to order the book “Saved by a Whistle” or to review additional information on child safety awareness. There you will also view photos and video testimonials of how the book “Saved by a Whistle” and our Child Safety Presentations are impacting the community.

We would love to see “Saved by a Whistle” in animation on DVD.  If you are someone who would like to make this happen or know someone who might be interested, please contact me.

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Please help educate our kids on how to live safely by inviting Sonia Denice to speak and by purchasing the book “Saved by a Whistle”.  Every child has a right to live safely and it’s up to us to provide our children, parents and schools the necessary tools and information to protect kids. Please learn about becoming a Sponsor by giving a child or school the gift of safety. Visit our website for more details. Spread the word.

Sonia Denice 3Sonia Denice De La Torre, Children’s Book Author

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817-201-9872 Kids Have a Voice  Meet the Author

Check out Sonia’s CFDb Profile Page.

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