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‘Submit the Documentary’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Submit the Documentary’ ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation



Submit the Documentary

Submit the Documentary exposes the most epic struggle in the digital, Internet age:cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying by means of electronic technology committed through email, instant messaging, mobile applications, social media, chat rooms, and blogs or through messages and images sent through a cell phone. Because of the anonymity, kids who never thought of being a bully are becoming harassers. By exploring the complicated dynamics behind cyberbullying, Submit the Documentary describes the impact and outcomes of advanced technology and human nature in a lawless, new, social frontier.

In the worst cases, kids and teens take their own lives as the families in Submit the Documentary know all too well. Their narratives describe their close encounters with cyberbullying in heart wrenching detail compared to the lighthearted innocence of kids blithely describing their experience with sexting.

Submit the Documentary demystifies the problem by including numerous experts who enlighten parents and viewers to the subculture of social media that children are participating in every day. The experts explain the extent of the problem, roadblocks to solutions, and offer potential, unconventional solutions.

The cyberbully’s arsenal is vast and ever growing. Cyberbullies have more than a fist to attack with. Online, a cyberbully can publish degrading messages about the victim, spread altered photos, impersonate their victim and assume the victim’s identity online and affect their relationship with others.

In the end, there is not one single place to go for help, or so it seems. The responsibility lies with all of us in keeping our children safe online, on social media networks, and mobile applications.

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Luke 6:31 – And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Isn’t this the answer to everything?!  This film is not only to bring awareness of what is going on, but also gives some answers as to what to do to help end this cruelty and bullying.

A lot of attention has been brought to this documentary in the online news so I wanted to find out more about it and I did, thus the review.  Here are some highlights from the film that was great:

  • So obvious how heartbreaking and senseless cyber bullying is.  It’s yet another way to purposely make someone else’s life miserable.  I can’t help but think of Joyce Meyer saying, “Hurting people…hurt people.”  There is a way to reach the bullies AND the ones being bullied.
  • Sexting – Why would anyone do this?  It’s just ASKING for trouble.  Just plan on it…if you send a naked photo of yourself to someone for any reason, no matter how much you trust that person…DON’T.  Unless you don’t mind it being spread to all your friends, possible your family and even further…just SAY NO!
  • The Best Part of the documentary does talk about the solution.  Don’t be a cyberstander (bystander).  YOU have the power to stop it, to stand up for the person being bullied.  The reality is…one day you may be the target and we do reap what we sow.  Be someone else’s blessing.  Do unto them as you would want someone to do unto you.  Tell the bullies to knock it off.  Be a friend to the one being bullied…you may just save a life.

There is an amazing movie entitled, ‘To Save a Life‘ that deals with bullying and cyberstanding and how it’s possible to make a difference.  Please watch this film with your children, especially the teens.  It’s a reality that is a sad one but needs to be addressed.

Watch the documentary…watch the movie!  It IS that important.

For more information, visit the Submit the Documentary

Here is another great website – Stand Against Bullying


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