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Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding
~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Surrendered: The Story of Jay Harding

This is the story of Jay Harding, a husband and father who is on the brink of losing everything he loves in an attempt to be the man he thinks his family needs. Even though Jay views himself as a generous, loving and selfless man, he soon discovers everyone around him sees him as greedy, manipulative and selfish. His wife knows their marriage is down for the count; his children are mischievous and distant; and his friends are desperately trying to help him overcome his struggles.

With Christmas quickly approaching and in a sweeping attempt to redeem himself, Jay launches out on a quest to purchase a dream home as a present for his family. With this ultimate gift as his sole focus, he pushes himself to make it happen no matter the cost to himself and to those around him. But with the tragic loss of his daughter, the pain of a broken marriage and the devastation of financial ruin, Jay is forced to make the biggest decision of his life…..the choice to surrender.

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This movie really impacted me.  One statement I wanted to highlight here, “Roadblocks shape us into who we are or who we should be.”  This reminds us that God uses these things for our benefit, if we will let it.

I want to share how this movie changed me.  Roger and I watched this together and both agreed that we had never watched a movie that had so much arguing in it.  It was so over the top on the arguing that I paused the movie and told Roger that I never wanted to argue again, with any person on the planet for any reason.  It was such a conviction watching the family arguing and especially Jay himself.  It was as if there was a neon sign saying…This is NOT how we are to behave as human beings.

We enjoyed this film, but especially the fact that it brought conviction to me, that’s fantastic!

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