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‘Taken By Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Taken By Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Taken By Grace

Taken By Grace – On the night that he is released from prison, Lucas Blackstone (Angus Macfadyen from Braveheart) sets out for the town of Trinity to find the man who murdered his son. Armed with a pistol and a past full of mistakes, Lucas kidnaps Shawn Everett (Bradley Dorsey) and his wife, Carrie (Haylie Duff) and holds them hostage. As the trio travels to Trinity, Lucas learns of Shawn and Carrie’s troubled marriage and questions their ability to reconcile their love through their faith in God. But Lucas has no interest in their faith, that is until he discovers the horrible truth about his son’s killer.


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Taken by Grace, Christian Movie

This movie was NOT a disappointment.  After ‘Meant to Be‘, another film written by Bradley Dorsey, which is one of the top 5 most commented on films on CFDb, and the most heartfelt comments, we were expecting something great.

This one is INTENSE, full of Suspense and just plain wonderful.  Great acting, great cast of characters, great storyline and a real show of true forgiveness and hope.

It does cause me to wonder what would I do, as a Christian, if I was placed in a similar situation.


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