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“The Bible: Mini Series” ~ CFDb Movie Review ~ Episode 2

The Bible: Mini Series – Episode 2 – The 10 Commandments

The Bible is an epic five-week, 10 hour television miniseries premiering March 3, 2013 on the History Channel from Emmy Award winning husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. For two hours each Sunday night millions of viewers will see the Bible from Genesis to Revelation come to life in a way never before seen.

Episode 2 – The Homeland – Joshua, Samson, Judges, David & Goliath

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As they continue this fast pace through the Bible, it’s difficult to get any character attachment at all.  Normally people get attached to David and are horrified at his sin but this time, I don’t think anyone could like David even for a moment.

There were 2 things in episode 2 that I liked:

One was Uriah, shown to be the most honorable man ever…and that was FACT!  Uriah was a man that was worthy and honorable and I believe, loved God with all his heart!

The other was about the fact that a king is never supposed to rule in his own name…but in God’s name.  How different would our Country be if that was the case.  Imagine every leader would rule in God’s name instead of their own.  The true meaning of God’s law…the law of love!


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