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‘The Bible: Mini Series’ – Episode 4 – CFDb Movie Review

The Bible: Mini Series – Episode 4 – The 10 Commandments

The Bible is an epic five-week, 10 hour television miniseries premiering March 3, 2013 on the History Channel from Emmy Award winning husband and wife team, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. For two hours each Sunday night millions of viewers will see the Bible from Genesis to Revelation come to life in a way never before seen.


Episode 4 – Jesus healing, calling Matthew to follow Him, walking on the water, the last supper, ending with the mock trial.


Sneak Preview

THE BIBLE tv series


This was our favorite episode thus far!  There were 6 scenes I really liked!

#1 – Jesus touching the leper who everyone else is afraid to touch and healing him.  The cleansing photography was great.  It reminded me that God wants to touch us and make us whole.

#2 – Jesus using the talk about the Pharisee and the Tax Collector in the temple both praying at the same time talking directly to Matthew and calling him to follow Him.  That was perfect and you could picture it happening that way although I never had thought of that before.

#3 – When Jesus touches Mary’s face and says I think…And so it begins.

#4 – Peter stepping out onto the water to come to Jesus during the storm.  It was a powerful scene and we know that when we keep our eyes on Jesus we are safe, following His will…but when we start to look at the circumstances around us, we fall and have to cry out, “Lord, save me!”

#5 – The scene where they test Jesus by giving him a coin and ask if they should pay taxes.  Barabbas is in the crowd shouting not to pay taxes and the roman guards are just waiting to hear what He will say.  Of course, He asks them whose image is on the coin and they say Caesars.  Then He brilliantly tosses the coin to a roman guard and tells them to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God.  This reminded me not to complain about paying our own taxes as we pay a LOT of taxes in this Country but God will take care of us.  The more taxes we pay, the more blessed we really are. Our focus  should be on reflecting God’s character and bringing others to the truth of Jesus and His Word.

#6 – Lastly, the scene during the mock trial with Caiphas was powerful!  When He says, “I AM”.  Then He tells them they will see Him standing at the right hand of the Father coming in the clouds of Heaven.  WOW!  Even so, Come Lord Jesus!


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  1. Tracette House says
    02 April 13, 7:41pm

    Great Trailer.

  2. Sharon says
    10 April 13, 11:11pm

    I think trailer is excellent, but it wasn’t long enough.

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