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‘The Book of Life’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

The Book of Life

The Book of Life is poetic, funny, romantic and thought provoking. Critics say a new Charlie Chaplin is born.  The film is about a teacher searching for a love he found before he was born.

Marco is a spirit who receives training in the preexistence about how to use comedy and jokes as tools to be an effective teacher in preparation for life on Earth. He meets a lovely female spirit playing the piano: every day he’ll give her a flower. So now the little act of the boy that was never sad, was indispensable to the girl that never smiled. But, as happen for all spirits, their memories will be veiled once they both come down to Earth, and Marco will have to find the girl and start the courtship all over again before their brief, mortal time runs out.

He’s also good at making the children in his schoolroom laugh and helping them learn lessons about the eternal destiny of life, the value in having a physical body and why earth life matters. The relationships are real and a number of comic moments keep the movie entertaining.
As Marco continues to be funny wherever he goes and at whatever he is doing, he finally drives his girlfriend away with his constant need to be goofy. At that point……somethings happen.

This Film is in Italian with English Subtitles!

Sneak Preview

The book of life screen shot and long photo

I LOVED this film!  I was originally given an online screener to view and it stopped working about 30 minutes into the film.  It stopped right at the moment the teacher was about to open a box and show the children what was inside.  Everyone was leaning forward to see, including me.  Then nothing.  I had to then wait for the film to be mailed to me.  My first thought was, “I can’t believe how on the edge of my seat I was to see what was in that box.”  That’s some good filming!

I liked the musical score and the entire film although I was hesitant about adding it to the database at first because the description made the film sound more like spiritualism than Christianity or Bible based. There is some Christianity shown in this film.

There are some really funny and quirky moments throughout this film, but it’s a sweet film!  This film brings out how many seconds we are given each day and how important our choices really are.  We are each given time to prepare for eternity and we shouldn’t put off repentance.

I liked how they mentioned that we will be the same in Heaven as we are…in character.  Obviously there won’t be any more pain or suffering or tears.  I’ve always believed that it is our characters that are most important.  Forgiven and then through the Holy Spirit becoming more and more like the character of our Saviour!

All in all it was a well made film and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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