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‘The Debacle’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Debacle’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Debacle

The Debacle is a comedy about longtime friends Vaughn (a play-it-safe hypochondriac) and Larry (a well-meaning but braggadocios “also ran”) who have never met a challenge they haven’t run from. After Vaughn abruptly loses his job of 20 years, a chance encounter with a street peddler leads to their finding themselves transported to an old west town in the 1870′s. Vaughn and Larry are suddenly thrust into situations where failure appears to be a foregone conclusion. Terrified by change and even the hint of danger, Vaughn and Larry are a given a task that must be completed within two weeks or they’ll risk never returning to their modern day reality. They work to overcome their fears and competing interests and they ultimately battle with an ill-tempered gunslinger in an effort to return home.

The Debacle is loosely based on the story of Moses and Aaron and the out of Egypt narrative. Vaughn and Larry are befriended by the town’s Reverend (Callaghan). After attending a Sunday service, Vaughn is inspired by the Reverend’s message on the life of Moses. He applies the points from the sermon to help navigate through not only the challenges he is facing in the old west but Vaughn also uses the Biblical principles to live a life free of fear. The journey requires the two friends to lead the town of Pumpkinville out of the captivity of a ruthless and powerful overlord. In working to free others, Vaughn and Larry in turn free themselves to be all that God designed them to be.

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Although not normally a fan of Westerns, this one intrigued me because it wasn’t a full Western and my favorite part of the movie, humor wise, was the part where Larry imitates Moses in ‘The Ten Commandments‘.  LOVED the way they did that scene.

This is a silly movie with some serious moments and the message was good.  It was sad to watch Vaughn and his attitude from the very beginning and I hate to admit it, but this is so realistic.  We are still a bunch of faithless whiners when it comes to real life.  Where in the Bible does it show us that if we accept Jesus, nothing will ever go wrong in our lives?  It reminds me of Jesus when He asked when He returns, will He find faith on the earth.  We are so blessed, even if all we receive is Eternal Life, with no more pain or death or suffering.

Like Moses’ situation with the Israelites and Pharaoh the situation got worse before it got better.  Isn’t that the way it is in real life most of the time?!

The only thing I really wanted to see was some real Christianity in action in the very end.  You’ll know what I mean AFTER watching the film.  There had to be a Christlike way to handle the situation with the neighbor.  Tell me what you think would have been the right way to handle that if it was your neighbor.


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