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‘The Easter Collection’ & ‘The Loyola Films Collection’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Easter Collection’ &
‘The Loyola Films Collection’ ~

CFDb Movie Review & Special Giveaway



The Easter Collection

Dawn of Victory – Synopsis: Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea witness the prophesies of Isaiah come to pass during this dramatization of events around Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection and His command to all believers then and now to carry the message of the risen Savior into all the world.

Review: Another classic film that reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice for us.

The Antkeeper -Synopsis: A parable of the Gospel! The story of the creation, fall, corruption, … inspires a new ant colony in which wings once again are grown.

This classic from Rolf Forsberg, in the style of Fellini and Bergman, tells the story of a gardener who decides to introduce ants to his garden, because they will benefit what grows there. He is disturbed when the ants spend all their time fighting. He sends his son to teach them how to live peacefully. – Written by PastorKirk

Review: This allegory covers from the beginning of creation until the very end with Jesus’ sacrifice for us, all in under 30 minutes.  This one really makes you think!

The Other Wise Man -Synopsis: Henry Van Dyke’s classic tale of Artaban, the fictional “fourth” wise man.

Artaban is a Persian believer who sold all he possessed and bought three jewels to present to the Christ-child. He misses the appointed time to meetup with the Three Wise Men and spends 33 years seeking the Christ child only to finally reach him at the time of the Crucifixion.

Review: The classic tale that brings out what really matters…how we are to seek Him and how we are to live for Him.

The Lord’s Ascension – Synopsis:The resurrected Jesus appears to two of the women and tells them he will meet the disciples in Galilee. He walks, talks and dines with the two on the road to Emmaus. He appears to the disciples in a room with the doors shut and again when Thomas is present. Thomas becomes a believer. Jesus meets with the disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and again on the Mount of Olives, where he ascends to his Father.

This is the final episode in the distinguished 26-episode THE LIVING BIBLE series from Family Films. It dramatizes the events between the Crucifixion and Christ’s Ascension and portrays the appearances of Christ from the Resurrection to the Ascension, as told in Matthew 28:9-20, Luke 24:13-53, John 20:19-19, 21:9-17, Acts 1:3-11

Review: A perfect film for Easter Sunday, a reminder of Jesus’ resurrection and of our eternal hope.


The Loyola Films Collection

Boyhood of Jesus – Synopsis: (1947) aka “Child of Bethlehem” (1941) is a faithful dramatization of the birth and first 12 years in the life of Jesus Christ as described in Luke and Matthew. Scenes include Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, adoration of the shepherds, visit of the Wise Men, Herod’s order to slay every male child in Bethlehem, flight to Egypt, and return to Nazareth.

“Boyhood of Jesus” is one in a series of 20 films that were originally produced and distributed as Cathedral Films and later re-titled for release by Loyola University specifically to Catholic churches and audiences.

These vintage mini-movies demonstrate how the Christian message was communicated to 20th century audiences through film and television.

Review: This film highlights Jesus’ birth and first 12 years of His life.  Although the Bible says very little about Jesus’ childhood, this film led me to think about how He lived a perfect life, even as a child.  Hard to imagine.  I can picture Him giving His food to the poor, and helping everyone around Him in every way He could.  Children can be such a delight to the people around them when they are unselfish.  That is how Jesus always was…perfect.

The Good Samaritan – Synopsis:(1947) aka “Who is My Neighbor” (1943) An aged scribe describes to his grandson Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan who recognizes an injured man beside the road as a trader who had abused him shortly before, but nevertheless arranges for his care. This is a dramatization of the events as described in Luke 10.

Review: This was my favorite of all the series.  What a fabulous spin on this story.  How many of us would do what this Samaritan did…true love.  We truly ARE our brother’s keeper.

The Rich Young Man – Synopsis:The parable of the rich young ruler’s encounter with Christ is dramatized, as recorded in Matthew 19 and Luke 18. Prosperous landowner Azor believes that obeying the Holy laws is all that is required to be worthy of God’s favor. That is, until he puts the question directly to Jesus.

“The Rich Young Man” is one in a series of 20 films that were originally produced and distributed as Cathedral Films and later re-titled for release by Loyola University specifically to Catholic churches and audiences.

Review: Great job on this one, really showing the rich young ruler’s heart.  Powerful film.

The Unmerciful Servant – Synopsis:(1947) aka “The Unfaithful Servant (1947) Jesus’ parable is portrayed showing Hiram borrowing money from the king under false pretenses. Hiram then treats his own creditors unmercifully, and finally learns the lesson of forgiveness.

Review: Great parable, great little short film.

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